Wednesday, 28/03/2007

New blog address, the other one turned out to cause too many problems!

Here I am finally writing again and so much has happened! I just got back yesterday night from a great trip to Barcelona. Erika and I took a plane to go there Saturday morning and flew back last night, so we had almost four days in the city. The first two nights we stayed with a spanish girl, Catalina, that I met on one of our hiking trips here in Asturias. She is such a sweetheart and we got a long perfectly right away. When I told her that I was ganna go to Barcelona with my firnd Erika, she told me that she has an appartment in he middle of the city (she used to stuy there, six years of architecture. She is already done and works and lives in Oviedo). She was really enthousiasted and told me that she goes back to Barcelona at least once a month to see her friends, so she offered to come with us that weekend and show us the city. It was awesome! She knows the city so well, so she could tell us exactly what was worth seeing... unfortunately we didn't have typical barcelona weather with tons of sunshine and high temperature, but luckily no rain like in Oviedo. Erika had so much bad luck with this during her visit! The first week in Asturias (again, that's the province up north where Oviedo is) there was only rain and it was freezing cold... A lot of people that I know here were really sick with colds and he flu. And now listen to this: I, who always brags never to become sick, never to catch a cold, got so so sick... with running nose, sore throat + voice loss and the meanest cough you can have!!! The last time I was so sick was pobably when I was six years old, maybe! So yes, my activities last week were limited to those of lying in bed or the couch, depending on the time of the day. Kirsten had two friends visiting, too, so they did all kinds of things in the rain, like going to the coast or the mountains. I believe they had fun in the wind and the rain. I enjoyed myself, reading, coughing, sleeping, coughing, watching movies on the PC and coughing. I really dreaded not being able to go to Barcelona, but when Saturday came I felt somewhat better and so I went. I got better and better in Barcelona, but Erika started to feel bad and finally got really sick. Now being back here, i am starting to get worse again. Erika left this morning to go back to Germany and I am sitting here with a headache and a sor throat, yet agsin. I call it the 'Asturian Cold', which is very vicous and persistent. It even affects me...twice...

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