Monday, 07/05/2007

Again it's been forever, but I just don't like weiting in the computer room. It is hard to believe that we are still waiting for our internet connection... we are more than half way through.

So many things are happening! I went to the Traumatology department for two weeks, which was great. In the knee replacement surgery they let me examine the two removed meniscuses... I held them in my hand and liked it Funny feeling, considering the fact that I don't have my own functioning meniscus in my knee... This week I am in Dermatology, which is also interesting. But I was so fascinated by Trauma that I will go to the emergency room in the afternoons (maybe test some people with damaged knees like myself... by now I'm an expert when it comes to knees... how it feels when you tear the ACL, hurt the meniscus, tear the capsule, bruise the lower end of the thigh bone, pull the outer ligament... ) I guess I'd be a great traumatologist....

Yesterday was an awesome day. I went to the mountains with some of my spanish friends and we rented canoes to paddle down a big river that leads to the ocean! We had great sunny weather and a gorgeous view on the mountains. We wore wet suits, so it absolutely didn't matter to get splashed or even fall in the water (which happened, for in some places the river got a little wild with rocks in the water. When we tried to evade them we hit a tree that hung very closely over the water. But it was tons of fun I really love the mountains here, I think I never spent so much time in the mountains (except for maybe snowboarding) hiking and all kinds of other activities. A while ago I went with my spanish friend Alba and we rented horses to do a tour in the mountains. That was also one of the coolest things ever, especially since I love horseback riding and haven't done it in more than two years (which explains the agony I felt in my butt over the following four days...). Awesome! But at some points it got also a little scary, riding close to the edge or close to the rocks, but the horses are pretty good at it.

Well everybody went to the movies to see spiderman. Initially I wanted to go (even though I wouldn't like Tobey Maguires dubbed voice in spanish). But when we got there we found out that the movie will start at ten and is two and a half hours long and I changed my mind. I was tired all weekend and today and never seem to be able to get the sleep I need. Plus I have to be in Dermaology tomorrow at eight. No way, I'm going to bed tonight!

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