Sunday, 01/04/2007

Hannah is here! She arrived on Friday after a lot of incidences... When she landed in the city Santander, they didn't have any free seats in the buses that go to Oviedo, only around seven in the evening and she landed at one. The bus woud have taken three hours to get to Oviedo too, when the car drive takes only an hour and a half, so I had to think of something. I called a german friend who is in Spain with her car to ask her if she could go to the airport with me to pick up Hannah. She was really cool and told me she would organize something and call me back in five minutes. When she called back she said: 'Don't worry, my boyfriend is on his way from Germany with his car (he had already been traveling for two days!) and just passed by Santander. He will turn around and pick up your sister and bring her here!' What a great coincidence that was... and finally she arrived at six thirty completely worn out. And I dragged her to a party that night... and everybody talked to her in spanish, which was a nice challenge too. Now she is interested again in freshing up her spanish a little and takes her two weeks here as a chance to practice...

But I also had a nice surprise for her: bus tickets and three nights in a hostel in Madrid! And that's where we are right now. We just arrived. The bus took almost six hours, then we took the metro to get to the hostel 'los amigos' which we found really easily. After relaxing a little and writing some e-mail, we'll go on our first walk around the city. Weather is awesome compared to al the freaking rain in Oviedo! We also had a little problem this morning and almost missed our bus: it was really early and thus pitch dark outside when we got up and left.  Clumsy Hannah poudered the kitchen with cappuccino and I didn't want to leave a great mess behind when Kirsten and Jo come back tomoorow night from Barcelona. I got the vacuum cleaner and when I plugged it in the fuse blew (which happens sometime if too many lights are turned on and more than one device at the same time. I had forgotten that the laptop was turned on). I went to the fuse box to fix the problem, but it wouldn't work. There was no way I could repair it, plus we weren't all finished packing and were in the middle of the process of making breakfast. Now we couldn't see anything at all!!!! We had to do everything in the absolute dar! I found two little candles in the dark which helped a little, but not much. Now the mess in the appartment is unbelievable. I don't want to know what the kitchen looks like... We almost missed our bus either. It was raining like hell, so I wanted to call a cab, but the call wouldn't come through, I have no idea why. So we had to run through the rain and finally made it. Now I have to try to contact the landlord, so he can fix that problem before Kirsten and Jo come home tomorrow night and break their necks in the dark... what a pain all this can be sometimes...

Now we are gonna get ready for the big city and enjoy our day!!! Tonight we are gonna meet with a spanisch friend of mine who is visiting her parents. The paln is to go and watch a Jazz concert...

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