We had an exhausting day yesterday, but it was great! We met a canadian guy in the hostel who went with us to spent the day, so we went into the art museum 'Reina Sofía', where we spent a total of four hours... Museums are really strenuous in my opinon, but this one was just fantastic. We looked at art works by Picasso and Salvador Dalí, which I found really impressing.

Afterwards we had dinner in the sun in a little restaurant in front of the museum. We had bread with fresh seafood... then we went top the train station in Madrid, because they have a little artificial rain forest in there, with lots of water and turtles. They are sooo cute. I have never been in a cooler train station!

 Well and now comes an unbelievable thing: hannah and I ended up in the opera in Madrid. I was joking and asked her if she would like to go in... so we went inside and I asked for informaton. Then I was told, that it is an hour and a half before the show and if Hannah and I are under 26 years old, we get 90% off the price. So instead of 150 Euros we payed only 15... so we went and saw our first opera 'la pietra del paragone' by Rossini... it was amazing and three hours long...

3.4.07 10:33

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John H Hamilton (3.4.07 23:37)
Hey, Cool it. You're supposed to be studying. What? You think you can just go anywhere in Spain you want to?

John H

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