One of these rare moments in which the internet works in my room, so I'm taking advantage. I got a call from the company that we made the contract with and was informed that they will send us the router within the next 25 days... it's a joke. We're half way through with our stay here... whatever.

So much has happened in the last two weeks that I don't know where to start. Hannah and I had a blast in Madrid. We also went to the Ballett and to a Flamenco night with lots of Sangría. Now we would love to go to the South of Spain

We got back to Oviedo almost safely, because the bus almost fell down a canyon while we crossed he mountains. Those seconds were some of the most frightening in my life. We came out of the tunnel and it was raining like crazy. In front of us was a truck, at least for a moment, because in the next -everything went so fast- something hit the bus and I looked instinctively out of the window and saw the truck sliding rapidly down the steep slope losing all konds of parts that went flying around. It was falling apart! Something hit the bus in the front, breaking the windshield and then another part on the side and the bus started slipping from one side of the road to the other: mountain, slope, mountain, slope, uncontrollably. I just grasped Hannahs arm and kept saying something like. it'll be fine... until the bus finally stopped at the side.. I guess it was fine. Normally in a situation like that I expected every body to scream, but everybody was just holding their breath, like me. We got home late, but we survived... I have no idea what happened to the truck.

Other than that everything was less exciting. I had to go back to the hospital last week, but it's still fun. i was in the Ophtalmology ward and got to see some cool things. I always thought the eye was boring, but it's actually really intersting and as an eye doctor you get to perform little surgeries. I like the idea of operating but not being a surgeon. What was awesome, was that they lat me asist during an eyelid-tumor surgery and I got to do the stitches in the end. Considering they don't let you do much in Spain in the hospitals, that was a really big thing. So I put a big proud smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I also had my first Salsa class lat week and I loved it. I never thought dancing was for me, but I really enjoyed it. I went with another Erasmus student, Lorenzo from Italy, but I guess he didn't like it that much. it was a two hour class and afterwards we went to a Salsa club to dance some more and wound up getting home at four... when that day unfortunatel I had to get up at seven to go to the hospital. But it was worth it, even though that day was somewhat tough not to fall asleep, especially during staff meeting...

The bad part is that I think I won't be able to go to the classes anymore, because it hurts my knee too much. It's still not healed after my surgery three month ago and with dancing you twist and twirl a lot and it just doesn't do any good. It's not because it hurts so much I can't stand it: I am actually being reasonable. It's limiting me so much in my daily life and I know it won't be better if I don't let it heal right. this is the first time I notice that there are limits. For me it's really weird and I don't know the feeling. It's making me sad and angry and I have to deal with it. I'm just used to doing what I feel like doing, I never felt that there could be anything keeping me from doing it. It's a painful realization that bothers me a lot. And no handball. So wierd. I have never gone such a long period without it, it's always been part of my life and I miss it, even though it's the cause for all the misery...

I shouldn't be talking like this. now I have to laugh at myself "All the misery"... well, everybody gets these moments...

I think I need to go to bed early tonight, since yesterday was late again and I shouldn't be accumulating lack of sleep to much

18.4.07 22:01

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JohnJ (20.4.07 06:45)
Your account of the bus trip makes me wonder if you are not in some country in South America. You have all the fun. You are right to take care of that knee.

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