i just finished in the hospital, this week in Traumatology... interesting, tomorrow I will see the surgery of a knee prosthesis... Let's see if it scares me

Right now I'm in the faculty computer room killing some time as I am waiting for a friend to go have lunch with her. I just went to the library and was shocked. How horrible, no wonder spanish students study without books. They don't have any nice ones... Are we spoiled in Germany? I don't know, I always enjoyed studying, because the books are great very colorful, lots of fotos, examples that are very descriptive... Here: you open the book, black and white all text, almost no pictures. How can you study with something like that? I took one with me to find out how it's written, even though I don't really feel like reading it. The thing is I think, that these books are for specialists, meaning that you read them when you are doing your residency. Students here don't really learn much, they just go to classes, write down what the professor says, studt only that and have exms only about what they heard in class. All the residents here are very helpless, they never exmamined a patient by themselves during the studies. that's why here the doctors talk more to the resident than to the students, because they are needier (since they are supposed to work..). It's really weird. When you pass your final exam in Germany or in the US, you are a doctor and you are responible. Here nobody leaves a resident alone, residents don't have night shifts alone or anything, that would be a catastrophe....

Very different... 


24.4.07 12:04

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